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Family Law Divorce in Arizona

Divorce & Separation

There is now another option for representation in an Arizona divorce.  Stephanie Villalobos, LP of De Novo Law, is a licensed legal divorce paraprofessional who can handle most aspects of divorce cases and provide knowledgeable, skilled representation to you at an affordable cost.

Arizona Child Custody

Child Custody

One way to get child custody rights in Arizona involves working with a licensed legal paraprofessional instead of a lawyer. Legal paraprofessionals are licensed to provide more services than a child custody paralegal and can handle all aspects of their client’s cases.

Arizona Child Support Calculator and Payments

Child Support

If you want to establish a child support order or are involved in a dispute with your child’s other parent regarding support, you should seek legal help from De Novo Law.  Stephanie Villalobos, LP, is a highly respected legal paraprofessional with decades of experience dealing with these issues.

Arizona Spousal Support Alimony

Spousal Support

If spousal maintenance might be an issue in your divorce, Stephanie Villalobos can help you understand whether you might be ordered to pay it or might receive it. She can work to reach an agreement with your spouse that protects your interests.

Same sex Divorce & Other Family Law

Same-sex Family Law

Same-sex couples can decide to marry or to form domestic partnerships in Arizona. The state’s family law regarding same-sex marriage is evolving.. Stephanie Villalobos, LP of De Novo Law, can represent you in multiple same-sex family law matters, including divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance, child support, and property division.

Arizona Grandparents Rights

Grandparents Rights

Depending on the situation, you might want to try to get custody of your grandchildren or establish visitation rights with them. If your grandchild’s parents can no longer care for your grandchild, or you are being prevented from seeing your grandchild by his or her parent, you should speak to Stephanie Villalobos at De Novo Law.

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