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Grey Divorce is Becoming More Common in Arizona

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What Does a Gray Divorce Mean?

A “Gray Divorce” is a term used to describe divorces among couples aged 50 and older. This type of divorce has increased by over 50% since the 1990s and is becoming increasingly common as baby boomers enter their retirement years.

Gray Divorces typically occurs after one or both spouses have been married for at least two decades and are often linked to changing financial circumstances, a shift in priorities, or a lack of emotional connection between the couple.

Many couples going through a Gray Divorce face unique challenges compared to younger couples, such as dividing assets accumulated over many years or re-entering the workforce after an extended absence.

With more people living longer and healthier lives, Gray Divorce will likely become even more prevalent in the coming years.

Continue reading to learn more about gray divorce and the differences, challenges, and potential outcomes.


So Why is ‘Gray Divorce’ Becoming More Common Now?

Gray divorce is becoming more common due to a variety of factors. Today’s couples are living longer, healthier lives and are more likely to stay married for longer periods of time. This means that when they finally decide to separate, they have had many years together and may be at the point in their relationship where it is simply too difficult to continue.

Additionally, increased financial independence among women means that there may be fewer incentives for them to stay in an unhappy marriage. Furthermore, societal norms have shifted over time, with divorce becoming more socially acceptable than it was in the past.

Finally, changes in laws surrounding divorce have made it easier for couples to move on from their relationships without facing as much stigma or financial burden as before.

All of these factors contribute to why gray divorce is becoming more common now.

Older couple considering how to file for gray divorce and using a legal paraprofessional


What are the Common Consequences of a Gray Divorce?

While each individual situation is unique, there are some common consequences that those involved in a gray divorce in Arizona may experience.

These can include financial destabilization due to having to divide assets and retirement plans, feelings of guilt or shame due to ending a long relationship, difficulty adjusting to single life after so many years together, and strained relationships with adult children who may be conflicted about their parents’ decision.

There is also the potential for depression or anxiety due to the new reality of being single after decades in a marriage.

Gray divorcees must learn how to cope with these complex emotions and adjust to their new lives.

How Can You Prepare for a Gray Divorce?

Preparing for a gray divorce in Arizona can be difficult, but it is important to take the time to do so.

First, it is important to understand what kind of financial situation you will be in after the divorce. This includes understanding how property division, child support, if applicable, and alimony payments may affect your finances. It is also important to create an inventory of all joint assets and debts that must be divided.

Seeking advice from a financial advisor or legal paraprofessional can help you understand the legal implications of a gray divorce and what steps you need to take to protect your rights and interests.

Finally, make sure to take care of yourself emotionally during this process by talking with family members or friends who are supportive and understanding about your situation. Doing so will ensure that you are emotionally ready for this transition and have the resources available to move forward successfully.

How Can You Protect Your Pension When Divorcing?

When divorcing, it is important to protect your pension. One way to do this is to seek legal advice and ensure that you understand the distribution of assets between yourself and your spouse. You should also ensure that both parties correctly document and sign any agreement regarding the division of pensions.

Additionally, you should keep all financial documents related to your pension in a secure place, such as a safe deposit box or other secure storage solution.

Finally, discussing the options with a financial adviser who can help you determine how best to protect your pension interests in the event of a divorce may be beneficial.

Tip: If you are seeking information about a gray divorce without a lawyer, consider using a much more affordable alternative to a divorce lawyer and speak with a legal paraprofessional.

Property division and splitting social security benefits and retirement funds

How Does Getting Divorced Affect Social Security Limits?

Getting divorced can affect Social Security limits in Arizona. Depending on the circumstances, one spouse may be eligible to receive benefits from their former spouse’s account, even if they are no longer married. This is known as a “former spousal” benefit.

To qualify for this type of benefit, the couple must have been married for at least 10 years, the applicant must be unmarried at the time of application, and both parties must have been eligible for Social Security benefits. Additionally, applicants must be at least 62 years old and meet other eligibility requirements to receive any payments from their former spouse’s account.

It is important to note that these benefits do not replace those earned by working; they are supplemental income available through Social Security.

How Does Divorce Affect Your Life Insurance?

In Arizona, divorce can have a significant impact on your life insurance. Understanding how the divorce process impacts your existing policies and any new life insurance you may be considering is important.

When divorcing, both parties must review their existing policies to determine if changes need to be made or if the policies should remain in place. Suppose one party has a policy that names the other as a beneficiary. In that case, it is important to update these details to ensure that the intended beneficiaries are still receiving the benefits after the divorce is finalized.

Additionally, consider taking out new life insurance policies or updating existing ones depending on each person’s financial situation after the divorce.

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